Loan Modification Leads

Direct Mail has traditionally been one of the most effective ways to direct market. Obviously some industries perform better than others but in general it is actually a very cost effective way to reach your target audience with an effective message

Although foreclosure papers are filing up and increasing every year, coming up with qualified loss mitigation leads is a difficult thing to achieve these days. Many mitigation specialists are getting poor loan modification leads, low conversation rates.

Most lead companies are simply brokers. They can be operating out of any basement across America and even another country. Broker’s simple buy leads from other providers and sell them at a profit. They also recycle and sell leads many times to get the most return on their investment. This is not the way to go.

For example – If you have $25,000 of debt that you want to settle, multiply 15% x the $25,000 = $3,750. It will cost you $3,750 in fees to settle your debt. This is proper and makes the debt settlement program worthwhile. Here’s the Debt Settlement Deal Breaker – Paying anything more than this 15% to settle your debt.

First of all, before you throw tons of questions make sure that you are speaking with the right person. Talk to the person that has the power to make the final decision. You do not have to waste your time asking questions from other people even if they live together.

Everyone facing foreclosure should have the chance to save their home, while making their loan affordable. Experienced loan modification attorneys present the best chance of modifying your loan to make it affordable.